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Was nice to get back up!

By Matt | May 31, 2008

Last Tuesday I finally got back up in the air! I just did a quick check ride with Aaron the flight instructor at Future Air. We departed out of Lake Simcoe Regional and just did a local flight over Barrie. Everything went very smooth and I was signed off for solo once again. I hope to do my written test within the next few weeks. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled this week so I’m still recovering while I write this post. I purchased Culhanes Private Practice Exam from VIP pilot and received it in just 2 days! Great service from VIP pilot located in Quebec. I have also started making T-Shirts! I will post some examples soon and If your interested I will send one for a donation. Thanks!

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Tax Question

By Matt | March 20, 2008

Hey everyone! I’m just relaxing this week in St.Lucia on my honeymoon. The weather has been a little crazy but that hasn’t stopped my wife and I from having a good time. I don’t have much time to write a long post, so I have a quick question…. How do other student pilots claim your flying towards your taxes? I have been a student for 3 years and haven’t claimed any towards my income yet. Is there a maximum I can claim? Is there someone you would recommend I take my taxes to that has done other pilots returns in the past? Please let me know!  Thank you!!

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Back up in the air

By Matt | February 24, 2008

After a few months of not flying I finally got back into the pilots seat. After a quick briefing on the ground Aaron (Flight Instructor) and I took of to do some circuits. My take off and landings went smooth and I felt very comfortable in the aircraft. We took a 172 that has been converted for floats in the summer and wheels in the winter. This plane has some extra HP as well as a stall kit installed. The extra HP really helps you get of the runway in a very small amount of time. My instructor claims that he can get it off the ground on a nice cold day in just over 200 ft… very impressive! After the flight we debriefed and I was signed of for solo. Man it really feels nice to get back up in the air! Now I just gotta study hard and finish the written exam.

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Back from Vacation..

By Matt | February 11, 2008

It’s been awhile since the last update.  I just got back today from getting married in La Romana, Dominican Republic. We departed YYZ Feb 2nd at 18:03 and arrived at Punta Cana MDPC 20:54. The flight was almost 2 hours delayed due to luggage not being loaded onto aircraft and other small delays. The aircraft we took was a Boeing 757-200, which was very comfortable with lot’s of space. We cruised at 33,000 ft @ 450 kts. Once we arrived at the airport we took a 1:30 min bus drive to the beautiful resort Sunscape Casa Del Mar.  My wedding took place on Tuesday Feb 5th at 14:30 on the stunning sandy beach. My wife looked absolutely beautiful!!!!! It was the perfect wedding… We had just over 40 people come down to celebrate this special occasion with us, which we appreciated very much! The partying and sunshine lasted all week. After seven days we had to head back to the airport to depart back to YYZ. We took Skyservice flight 3037 back to YYZ with a cruising altitude of 36,000 ft and a speed of 460 kts.  We arrived back at 02:15 to the freezing cold weather 🙁

Now that the wedding is over, we are getting ready for the reception in March. Hopefully I can get a chance to get back up into the air anytime soon! I’ve been actively looking for another job. If any interesting postions come up, please let me know.

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Bumper stickers!

By Matt | January 12, 2008

Hey I have made a few bumper stickers… If your interested please make a small donation and I will send you one!

I'd rather be flying sticker


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Not so nice weather

By Matt | January 9, 2008

Wow talk about an intense low pressure system that caused damaging winds throughout the region. Winds were reported over 100 km/h in Toronto today causing many people to not have electricity. I myself woke up this morning with no electricity in Barrie then lost it when I was at work in Bradford. Makes you really appreciate and recognize how much we depend on electronics.

Check out the email I received from Toronto Airways regarding the weather:

“Hello All, and Happy New Year.
Our New Year has not started the greatest when it comes to flying. First it was the weather we have had and now on the morning of January 09, 2008 another wind gust in excess of 60 knots came through and damaged some of our aircraft.
We have taken all of the aircraft off line until they are inspected by our maintenance department. Please call before your flights to ensure we have an aircraft available.”

I sure hope that no extensive damage was done and pilot’s can continue their training.

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Happy New Year!!!

By Matt | January 2, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had a amazing holiday once again this year. It was great spending time with my fiance and our families. I received a ton of great gifts and had ate lots of festive food. I still haven’t had a chance to go flying or write my written test. I have been busy getting ready for the holidays and now I’m concentrating on getting ready for the wedding. We will be departing Toronto Pearson (YYZ) on Feb 2nd on route to Punta Cana Airport (PUJ). We are staying in La Romana which is a 1.5 hr drive from the airport. Should be a blast! I hope I get a chance over the next month to study and go write my written exam.

I just want to let everyone know, If you need any stickers/decals for your vehicle or anything else PLEASE let me know! I will make them for a small donation towards my flying. The main thing holding me back right now is the lack of funds. Weddings are expensive!!! 🙂


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Almost Christmas!

By Matt | December 23, 2007

Just a few days left until Christmas! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a rare item to find for Christmas… Rock Band for Xbox 360. It’s brand new in a box and includes drums, guitar, and microphone. I’m looking for best offer. All proceeds go towards my pilot’s license! Remember, this item is sold out everywhere and won’t be available until after Christmas!  Please send all offers to .

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Preparing for Written Exam

By Matt | December 11, 2007

I have been so busy for the last month that I haven’t had to much time to study for the Transport Canada written exam. I did recently purchase software from Dauntless Software called Ground School Canada. I will NOT recommend this software to anyone. I purchased the software for $30 and was hoping to use on my laptop and home computer. Unfortunately my laptop is older and does not have access to the internet. They would not provide me with another means of unlocking the software that I paid for. I have never seen such bad customer service in my life.  They did continue to insult me by telling me that my laptop is from 1992 and that manual unlocks of the software are basically restricted to active-duty military personnel serving in far-off climes where access to the internet to personal pcs is truly limited. I would love to see that in there user agreement that doesn’t specify anything about needing internet for anything more then receiving email with unlocking code.

All I was trying to do is practice for my exam on my breaks at work and they would not help me out. So please, if your looking to study for the Transport Canada written do not purchase this software. They do not deserve business! Instead, try Culhanes, or other aviation softwares.

I will keep everyone posted on how my exam goes. Take care!

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Flight test complete!

By Matt | November 18, 2007

Finally!! I passed my private pilot flight test. I woke up in the morning and for once it was clear skies. I did all my final navigation planning and calculations then headed off to the airport. Once I arrived at the airport, I went over all my calculations one last time and arranged all my documents so I was ready for the examiner. At this point I was extremely nervous, my hands were shaking, and my legs felt a little numb. Once I met the flight examiner, he made me feel a little less nervous. His name was John, and he was a really nice man. He had the perfect personality to make you feel comfortable for the flight test. We sat down for about 1 hour going through all the planning, documents, laws, airplane performance, and other related stuff. After that we headed out to the aircraft and I did a walk around the airplane assuring everything looked good with it. Once in the aircraft I gave him a passenger briefing and did all my pre-flight checks then we departed and headed to my set heading point on my navigation route. Everything during the flight went very well, I only had a few minor mistakes. Once back at the airport, the examiner notified me that I passed the flight exam. This was one of the most exciting days of my life so far. All the hard work paid off! Now I just need to do my written test down in the city, I’m hoping to have it completed in the next 2 weeks. I just wanted to thank Jeff (my current flight instructor), John (Flight Examiner), Krysta (past flight instructor), David (another past instructor), and my fiance for all the support and understanding for all money I have spent towards flying. I will keep everyone updated on when I write the written test.

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