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Flight to Brampton Flight Centre

By Matt | June 9, 2009

Last week my friend and I jumped into a C172 at CNB9 and headed direct to Brampton flight centre to check out the airport and the flight school operation. I requested flight following with Toronto terminal and was cleared 3000 ft direct to airport. Once we were 5 miles out, flight following was terminated and we descended and landed on RWY 15. I was really surprised to see how busy a uncontrolled airport could be. There were about 10 aircraft either in the circuit or about to enter the traffic. You really need to keep your eyes open for other aircraft and make sure you have good radio communication. Once we landed, we headed over to get a tour of the flight school. I was very impressed with how professional this flight school is. They have a huge fleet of aircraft ( 16 c172’s, 2 c152’s, 2 twins) and they are all very clean and loaded with avionics. This school has everything I need to finish of my license. I don’t really want to leave my flight school I’m currently with, but I have to think more about what will be better for me. I need a multi engine rating and a IFR rating, both arent offered at my current flight school. I was hoping to do float flying with my current school, but that won’t happen anymore because they got rid of the float plane. So unfortunatly, I will have to leave such a good group of instructors. I’m still waiting on the government to see if I can get any assistance from EI to help me finish up my license. I will keep everyone posted.  Happy Flying!

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