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Flight from CNB9 to CYSB

By Matt | March 17, 2009

The nice weather has finally arrived and I took full advantage of it on Sunday. I woke up to the sun shinning in my window and jump into my car and headed for a 11:30 flight booking. I arrived at the airport and went over some nav planning with my co-pilot Anne and my passenger PJ (my cousin). Once we were all set we loaded up the aircraft, topped up the fuel tanks and departed Runway 10 with a right turn out North for Sudbury Airport (CYSB). We climbed to 4500ft and headed towards Parry Sound Airport as a check point then enroute to the little town of Britt Ontario… We decided to take a quick flight over Britt to get a glance of where my cousin grew up and take a look at the St.Amant’s Waterfront Inn. After a quick flyby we headed direct to Sudbury Airport. 1hr and 30 min after takeoff we arrived at CYSB and landed on runway 22 (6600 ft long) and taxied to apron 3 to park the aircraft. It was really neat flying in and watching Air Candada Jazz planes fly in right after you and unload a load of passengers refuel and takeoff. Once parked we headed into the main terminal for a quick bite to eat and to do some quick calculations for the flight home. We headed back to the airplane and taxied out to runway 22 for departure. We only use half of the runway length for takeoff and still had a ways of runway left when we lifted off. We did a left turn out and a climb to 5500ft enroute direct to Lake Simcoe Regional. The flight was a great experience and I got to log 3.4 hrs in the log book. I would highly recommened to other pilots to take a trip up to Sudbury to view the beautiful scenery and check out the nice airport.

On another note, I’m getting really excited to get my float rating this spring. I’m thinking about going to Sudbury Aviation to do the rating since it’s the cheapest around. I havent flown much this month because I want to log the float time towards my CPL and enjoy this summer flying on floats. If anyone has a float plane that they are looking to rent out, please contact me.

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