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Errrr… I hate winter!

By Matt | November 18, 2008

It’s been almost 2 weeks now without flying. Up here in Barrie Ontario, we have been hit with major snow. I have been thinking about packing up and heading south to Florida to complete my CPL. The only problem is, I would have to quit my job and still pay the bills.. Errrrrrrr what to do.. what to do…. I just hit 135 hrs and almost $24,000 worth of flight training. I guess my investment into flight training was better then investing into stock market. It sucks that we have been declared in a recession. I hope people continue to fly!

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One Response to “Errrr… I hate winter!”

  1. Doug Says:
    November 22nd, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Hi Matt. I emailed you through Facebook, but no reply.

    From your post, it seems like you are hitting a wall.
    You and so many other “wanna be pilots” run into this scenario all the time. It will work out! This is the time to get into aviation. After all, you will need a couple of years to build up your time. By then, everyone will be hiring and you’ll be ready for the jump.

    I’m going to Western on Tuesday to give a talk to the aviation degree program. I’m sure lots of them are thinking the same thing. You should look at what they are paying.

    Now, what will you charge me to set up a website?