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Night Rating

By Matt | August 24, 2008

Sorry I haven’t updated my site in a while. I have been busy flying 🙂 I have started my next step towards commercial license – night rating.

My first night flight was from CNB9 Lake Simcoe Regional – CYQA Muskoka Aiport. What a difference flying a plane at night time, you really need to focus on the instruments. I finally got the opportunity to us ARCAL. ARCAL stands for Aircraft Radio Controlled Aerodrome Lighting. To activate ARCAL system you need to tune the frequency then click the mic 7 times for high intensity. The landing was really smooth then we taxied to the apron to meet up with a guy I was purchasing a new camera lens from. The guy I meet up with (Jimmy Page) was a photographer/film maker from California. He was visiting his family up in muskoka for 6 weeks taking pictures and video. He was a really nice guy and I recommend checking out his blog at

I also had the chance to go for a flight from Lake Simcoe Regional to Lindsay Airport. I flew with Anne (a student at Lake Simcoe Regional) who said she had a blast. The food at the airport was amazing! The whole flight took 1 hr there and 1 hr back.

I hope to get more night flying in over the next couple weeks so I can log more hours towards my commercial license. If anyone wants to go for a flight and split the cost please let me know!

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