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Trip to Toronto Island

By Matt | June 21, 2008

I got a chance to take a flight down to Toronto Island with my instructor and another student pilot in the back. We departed Lake Simcoe Regional and headed along the west side of Lake Simcoe. When we were near the top of the 404 and Green lane, another airplane was headed directly towards us so we climbed and the airplane went underneath us. It was very scary to see a plane come so close to us. We headed towards Buttonville airport (CYKZ) and got permission to transit there zone. Once we were through there airspace we contacted the island and once close enough to airport we were cleared base for runway 26. Once cleared for landing we made a great approach and did a quick touch and go. We tried to get right turn out so we could fly over city but we were denied and giving a left turnout. We then headed back to Lake Simcoe Regional taking various photo’s on the route back. The total flight time was 1.5 hrs. Special thanks to Annie for going half on the flight 🙂

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