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Not so nice weather

By Matt | January 9, 2008

Wow talk about an intense low pressure system that caused damaging winds throughout the region. Winds were reported over 100 km/h in Toronto today causing many people to not have electricity. I myself woke up this morning with no electricity in Barrie then lost it when I was at work in Bradford. Makes you really appreciate and recognize how much we depend on electronics.

Check out the email I received from Toronto Airways regarding the weather:

“Hello All, and Happy New Year.
Our New Year has not started the greatest when it comes to flying. First it was the weather we have had and now on the morning of January 09, 2008 another wind gust in excess of 60 knots came through and damaged some of our aircraft.
We have taken all of the aircraft off line until they are inspected by our maintenance department. Please call before your flights to ensure we have an aircraft available.”

I sure hope that no extensive damage was done and pilot’s can continue their training.

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