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Preparing for Written Exam

By Matt | December 11, 2007

I have been so busy for the last month that I haven’t had to much time to study for the Transport Canada written exam. I did recently purchase software from Dauntless Software called Ground School Canada. I will NOT recommend this software to anyone. I purchased the software for $30 and was hoping to use on my laptop and home computer. Unfortunately my laptop is older and does not have access to the internet. They would not provide me with another means of unlocking the software that I paid for. I have never seen such bad customer service in my life.  They did continue to insult me by telling me that my laptop is from 1992 and that manual unlocks of the software are basically restricted to active-duty military personnel serving in far-off climes where access to the internet to personal pcs is truly limited. I would love to see that in there user agreement that doesn’t specify anything about needing internet for anything more then receiving email with unlocking code.

All I was trying to do is practice for my exam on my breaks at work and they would not help me out. So please, if your looking to study for the Transport Canada written do not purchase this software. They do not deserve business! Instead, try Culhanes, or other aviation softwares.

I will keep everyone posted on how my exam goes. Take care!

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