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By Matt | December 29, 2012

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. I can’t believe that in just a few days it will be 2013. I haven’t been flying all that much lately since life priorities have changed and I just don’t have the funding. I’ve been working hard on changing careers (non aviation related) and hopefully 2013 it will become a reality. So many people have asked me after spending all that money and time on becoming a commercial pilot how come your not flying for a living? Well the honest answer is that it just wont pay the bills. My friend told me if I got my Multi-IFR that he could set me up with a position at his company flying right seat for a whopping $22,000 a year! If I was 18 years old again I might have jumped all over this offer, but I have responsibilities these days and I just couldn’t live off that wage.

I will try to update this page more often in 2013.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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I finally got my Commercial Pilot’s License!

By Matt | July 20, 2011

Well it has been since 2009 that I have updated this blog… But over the past few years I have been plugging away at my Commercial License. After all that time and hard work I can finally say I have my Commercial Pilot’s License! Thanks to all my family and friends that have supported me in this adventure over the years.  Now I need to figure out what my next step with this license is. I will try and blog more often so keep tuned.



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NWT Ice Pilot’s on Tonight!

By Matt | November 19, 2009

The much anticipated show NWT Ice Pilot’s is on tonight @ 10 pm on the history channel. I’m looking forward to watching this new tv series. For more information check out

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Commercial Cross Country Flight Complete

By Matt | October 21, 2009

Well….. I have finally finished my commercial cross country flight that is required for my Commercial License. The requirements for the trip were: 300 nautical mile cross country flight which shall include a minimum of 3 landings at points other than that of departure.My day started off by waking up early Sunday morning, calling FSS for a briefing and doing my final flight calculations. Once the calculations were complete, I drove to the airport and signed out the aircraft. So I hope in the Cessna 172, do my checks and notice that something is wrong…. The radio display lights was not working and I couldnt make out what frequency i was selecting on both COM and NAV. I tried doing a radio check on COM2 but that wasn’t working neither… ERRRR bad start to the day. I really wanted to take this aircraft because it’s the only one with GPS in case I needed it for my trip.  So my plans for departing at 10 AM were not happening at this point. I had to cancel my flight plan and try and find another aircraft that was in working condition.  After about an hour I found another rental aircraft that I could use for the flight. I did the w&b and refilled my flight plan with FSS.  After all my checks completed, I departed CNB9 (Lake Simcoe Regional) and climbed to 5500 ft over Orillia. Once I was at cruise altitude, I dialed in the Coehill VOR and began tracking towards it, I then called up Toronto and requested flight following.  This first leg was pretty laid back, just had to keep on track and listen to Toronto. I arrived at the Coehill VOR then flew a radial direct to CYRP (Ottawa Carp). I arrived at Carp with no issues, had a quick pit stop and then departed for the Ottawa VOR. I called up Montreal radio for flight following and tracked from Ottawa VOR to Mirabel VOR. This leg was a little bit more fun… Montreal called me up and said “2 non reported traffic at one o’clock position 5500 ft and eleven o’clock position 6000 ft” as he was talking all of a sudden I see a big glider just 500 ft in front of me, I descended and notified the controller that I descended and had traffic in sight. He told me to continue to keep eye out for traffic because the gliders are out off their practice area. A while after I passed over the Mirabel VOR and headed for my 300+ NM destination… CYRQ ( Trois-Rivieres Airport). The controller notified be to contact the airport early to arrange landing in between skydivers… This was quite the challenge, I guess I should of brushed up on my French before wondering into Quebec. I finally got a hold of someone that spoke English and landed at airport with no conflict. This airport was really well maintained and had a nice 6000 ft runway. I fueled up, had some lunch, filled a return flight plan and departed to my next destination CYGK (Kingston, Ontario). The sun was rapidly descending during this leg, and by the time I arrived in Kingston is was night. I’m glad I got checked out the previous week for night flying. I landed with no problems then taxied to the apron for some fuel for the flight back. Once fueled up, I departed back to CNB9. The flight back was all at night and the lights from all the cities was beautiful. I arrived back at 20:00 local time and called up FSS to close my flight plan. I logged 8.2 hrs total time for the day 🙂 Now I just need to do some more instrument time and get ready for the flight exam.

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Telus and Bell to offer iPhone next month

By Matt | October 5, 2009

Well this is not 100% aviation related, but Bell and Telus are to offer service for the iPhone as soon as next month! that doesn’t have a iPhone is missing out on one of the most advanced handheld devices. I mentioned this because I have been using mine for many iPhone aviation applications.  Check out for a list of iPhone applications for pilots.

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By Matt | October 4, 2009

I recently received a pretty cool video of inside a Boeing 737-300 Cockpit from AviaFilm Productions. The producer is fellow pilot and emailed me thanking me for my effort I put into my blog. Check out his website

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200 + hrs

By Matt | September 24, 2009

Well once again it has been over a month since my last posting. Hopefully this posting will update everyone on my flying adventure.First off, I finally hit 200 hrs!! This is a huge milestone for someone working towards their CPL. I have my 100 PIC time already and now I’m just working  towards my advanced dual and solo time. I’m planning on doing my cross-country flight (300 NM radius) within the first 2 weeks of October. My planned route is to head east just past Montreal, Quebec. I haven’t done any flight planning yet, but I will update once it is done.I have been doing a great amount of float flying over the last month. A few trips I took were to: Britt (On the Magnetawan river) My wife and I landed and docked at St.Amant’s Waterfront Inn, then we headed to Parry Sound Harbour (Georgian Bay Airways) which had great service and delicious ice cream, and on another flight with a friend we headed to Henry’s Fish & Chips on Sans Souci Island which is only accessible by boat or float plane. The fresh pickerel was so good I took some home with me.I also started online CPL ground school through The course seems very organized and easy to use. There are a ton of videos of in class sessions and after each video there is a quiz to test you on your listening skills. If you don’t have time to make it to a flight school for in class training then I highly recommend taking this course through gallery has been updated so check it out!

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Update on everything!

By Matt | August 16, 2009

Well it has sure been awhile since my last update and I have lots to blog about.

One place a pilot must visit??? Answer: OSHKOSH Airshow! I had the time of my life at the show this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t experience the flight into Oshkosh, but I did drive there with my wife and experienced everything else about it.  I have never seen so many airplanes landing and departing in one day. When aircraft were on final it looked like a line of pearls slowly falling out of the sky. Some cool features of the show were: The Airbus A380 demo flight, the Virgin Galactic WhiteKnightTwo, the Canadian 100 years of flight aircraft (Lancaster Bomber,Tiger Moth, P51 and more), and a ton of other aircraft. Overall the experience was something that I will remember for the rest of my life! I highly recommend it to everyone. And if anyone is flying down next year and has a extra seat in your aircraft, please let me know 🙂

I have recently been doing a fair share of float flying (I love doing this most). I’m looking forward to taking passengers in the float plane within the next week. My goal is to fly to Britt Ontario and land on the water and enjoy lunch at the St.Amant’s Waterfront Inn. I will take pictures and blog about that experience once it happens.

Today I flew to Killarney Ontario (CPT2) for fish & chips with my good friend Anne. We departed Lake Simcoe Regional @ 11:30am and arrived in Killarney 1.5 hrs later. The scenery en-route was beautiful with all the water and rocks. Once we arrived at the airport, we walked down to the famous Herberts Fish and Chips right on the water (20 min walk). The place was absolutely packed with people wanting to try the best fish and chips around. Well I’m telling you…. They have the best fish and chips I have ever ate. The fish today was perch and whitefish. YUMMMM! We were running a little behind for our departure so I asked if they had a taxi service, the owner Ross Herbert pleasantly told us to hop into his truck and gave us a ride back to the airport. I highly recommend this place to everyone!

I have been getting many emails from people asking about the process of becoming a pilot and what route I have been taking. I love hearing from people so please send me a email anytime!


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Oshkosh Air Show

By Matt | July 24, 2009

I’m departing Barrie this sunday July 26th en route to Oshkosh, Wi. I have been wanting to attend the show for years and finally decided to make the journey. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the newest technology and all the other aircrafts that show up.

And yes….. I’m driving….. I wish I had access to a airplane for the duration, but it’s not happening.

I will blog about everything when I get back!

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Flight to Brampton Flight Centre

By Matt | June 9, 2009

Last week my friend and I jumped into a C172 at CNB9 and headed direct to Brampton flight centre to check out the airport and the flight school operation. I requested flight following with Toronto terminal and was cleared 3000 ft direct to airport. Once we were 5 miles out, flight following was terminated and we descended and landed on RWY 15. I was really surprised to see how busy a uncontrolled airport could be. There were about 10 aircraft either in the circuit or about to enter the traffic. You really need to keep your eyes open for other aircraft and make sure you have good radio communication. Once we landed, we headed over to get a tour of the flight school. I was very impressed with how professional this flight school is. They have a huge fleet of aircraft ( 16 c172’s, 2 c152’s, 2 twins) and they are all very clean and loaded with avionics. This school has everything I need to finish of my license. I don’t really want to leave my flight school I’m currently with, but I have to think more about what will be better for me. I need a multi engine rating and a IFR rating, both arent offered at my current flight school. I was hoping to do float flying with my current school, but that won’t happen anymore because they got rid of the float plane. So unfortunatly, I will have to leave such a good group of instructors. I’m still waiting on the government to see if I can get any assistance from EI to help me finish up my license. I will keep everyone posted.  Happy Flying!

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